The Tucked-In Bun!

Love, love, love this!  A look that literally takes only 2 minutes!  The Tucked-In Bun starts with a simple ponytail and ends with an updo that’ll have you looking sophisticated and classy.  This is a style that will work both in a professional setting as well as any formal event.  Your date will thank you when you are actually ready on time!


Tucked-In bun blog


1) Start w/ a simple low ponytail.  Leaving the ponytail slightly loose will help with steps 2 and 3!

2) Make a small hole in front of the ponytail holder and insert your thumb and index finger through the hole (see step 2 on the pictures).

3) Using your other hand grab your ponytail and place in the thumb and index finger.


4) Pull ponytail through the hole. 

5) Take remaining ponytail and lift it back up to wrap and tuck ends of ponytail in the hole in front of the (now invisible) ponytail holder (see step 5). 

6) Add clip, comb, or flower if desired.