The Perfect Ponytail!

The struggle is real to get the ideal ponytail. First, how in the world do you get a poof in the front that stays when you put the hair tie in, and then, you add in the weight of the ponytail? Mine used to always fall flat, making me look like my once awkward teenage self again, and I refuse to return to those days. And then, even if you some how manage to get a nice shape in the front, what do you do with that scrawny, lifeless pony hanging down in the back. Let’s face it, full hair is in these days, and I want full, bouncy hair! I watched video after video, researched Pinterest, read blogs, and I’ve finally found the best and easiest method for a great looking ponytail! With the help of your Perky Pony, it is amazing how easy it is to have a ponytail that looks great in every way! Ponytails are supposed to be easy, that’s why they were invented! So lets make an awesome ponytail easy to achieve once more.

Front Poof for Blog1) Start with pulling your hair half up.  I started about an inch up from the ears and went straight up.  You don’t want to pull too far back with it.


2) Pin or clip this on top of your head to get it out of the way. 


3) Put the remaining hair into a simple ponytail. 


4) Remove the clip from the front portion of hair and back comb it to create volume. 


5) Pull this hair back, smoothing it slightly with your brush if needed, and wrap it around your ponytail holder. 


6) Secure with 1 or 2 bobby pins. 


7) Grab your Perky Pony and separate the ponytail in to top and bottom sections.  Place Perky Pony between the separated areas and clip into place.


8)Fold hair over Perky Pony




That’s it!  Set your ponytail with hair spray and use the rest of your time to catch up on a book and drink some coffee!