The Full Volume Bun by Perky Pony!

Buns are everywhere lately.  I mean everywhere.  You see them on the runway, you see them at yoga, you see them at the coffee shop and the cocktail party.  The trick is getting that bun to look effortlessly messy and full.  And lets face it, getting a good looking bun is anything but effortless.  But fear not!  I feel like Perky Pony has “saved the day” (sorry, I’ve been around too much super hero memorabilia lately).  But, really, by starting with a simple ponytail, adding Perky Pony and a few bobby pins,  you have a full, voluminous bun in less than 5 minutes!  Awesome, right!?!  I’m quite taken with this look and know you will be too, so read on to see how it’s done! 

 Perky Pony Bun Steps

1) Start your hair in a simple high ponytail. 

2) Place your Perky Pony by grabbing  2/3 of your ponytail and splitting the pony. Clip Perky Pony in place.

3) Gently lay the top portion of the ponytail over the Perky Pony and fan out the ponytail over the Perky Pony clip.

4) Grab some hair from the top portion of the ponytail and pull forward.

5) Secure this hair to the hair in front of your ponytail holder with bobby pins.

6) Tuck the remaining hair hanging down under and secure with bobby pins.

You can make this bun messier just by pulling out some stray hairs and ruffling it up a little!  Very easy to get such a chic, cute updo using Perky Pony!  If you don’t have a Perky Pony yet, visit and discover how easy it is to get great hair!