The Double Braided Wrap!

braided wrap 2

Okay girls!  I love this new hairstyle!  It’s super easy and elegant (two “e” words you don’t usually find together).  This is a half up, half down style that incorporates braids into a stunningly romantic look!  The best part is this only takes about 5 minutes.  Check out the step by step tutorial below as well as our video here: Double Braided Wrap to see how easy it is to get this look!


Braided Wrap Tutorial Blog


1) Start with pulling your hair half up, leaving about 2 inches of hair down around your ears, and back combing this section of hair slightly to give you a little poof.


2) Pin this at the crown of your head.


3) Grab the two inches of hair left down around your ears.


4) Braid each of them all the way down, securing with a small elastic.


5) Take one braid and pull it around to the back of the head, covering the bobby pins.  Secure braid with a bobby pin.


6) Take the second braid and pull it around to the back of the head. Place it under the first braid and secure with a bobby pin.


7) Take the end of the lower braid and wrap it around to the upper braid and take the upper braid and wrap it down to the lower braid.


8) Tuck the ends under the braids where they are hidden and, you guessed it, secure with bobby pins.


9) That’s all there is to it!  This would look great to wear to a holiday party or wedding! Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed by all the compliments you get!