The Braided Rose!

What an awesome and unique hair style!  The Braided Rose looks way more complicated then it is and all you have to do is know how to braid!  By taking a normal braid and rolling it up into a “rose”, your hair can become the best accessory to your look and style!


The Braided Rose Hair How To

1.    Pull your hair half up and secure with a hair tie.

2.   Slip your thumb and forefinger through the half up ponytail, in front of ponytail holder.

 3.   Grab the ponytail with your thumb and forefinger

 4.   Pull ponytail through the hole to create an inverse ponytail.


5.   Braid the hair in the half up ponytail and tie off.

6.   Pull hair in the braid to thicken the look of the braid. 

7.   Do this through the entire braid. 

8.   Take the end of the braid and start rolling it all the way to the top, securing it with bobby pins.




This is a look that can take you on a romantic getaway or get you through that important business meeting, so create away!