Perky Pony

The Ponytail Clip that Gives you a Lifted, Fuller Ponytail Instantly!

I have naturally curly and full hair. So when I heard about Perky Pony, I didn’t think this would do much for me. So I straightened my hair just to see how this works, and I was so surprised by the results! I don’t even have all the words to describe it. It’s given it such a nice shape and really makes a complete ponytail. I love the Perky Pony!

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This little God sent contraption is truly magnificent! On days where my hair is nothing but limp and lifeless, I simply put the Perky Pony in my hair and I am good to go!

Drew, Hampstead, NC

If you need some extra volume in your pony, you have to check out this company!

Kari, Columbus, OH

The Perky Pony was so easy to use! I was able to achieve a great look on the first try. The Perky Pony transformed my regular casual hairstyle into a great dressy look! It is light weight and goes on in a matter of seconds, making it a great accessory for this busy mom!

Kristen, Lorena, TX

Being a mom, I have about 5 minutes to get ready. Ponytails have become my everyday hairstyle. I was so excited when I found Perky Pony! Perky Pony gives my ponytail a fun twist by adding volume with no hair teasing necessary! It’s quick and easy!

Briana, Washington, UT

I use to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to get the perfect ponytail, only to end up completely disappointed. But now, thanks to the Perky Pony, I get the look I’ve always wanted within a matter of seconds!

Amber, Hewitt, TX

I rarely do my hair because of time and pure laziness. Perky Pony has made my ponytail fuller and “hairdo” look nicer without any effort

Cindy, Plano, TX

Loving my Perky Pony to give my summer ponytail a boost!

Christa, Richmond, MO

I have heavy, waist-length hair. Therefore, my ponytail was always flat and lacked volume. The Perky Pony has changed all of that! It’s so easy! I just flip and clip. Now, I have volume and a much thicker looking ponytail! I love it!

Summer, Abilene, TX

I love how full my ponytail looks with Perky Pony! I feel like I can get a great look in just a few minutes during a busy morning!

Jordan, Irving, TX

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