How to Get the Perfect Mohawk Ponytail


Give variety to your ponytail with a great punky look!!

I can braid all day. I love to braid! But, I did struggle trying to perfect the ponytail with a braid leading into it. It always looked too flat. Awkward almost. I loved the height and shape to the mohawk braided ponytail. I did the normal braid over technique for mine, but I’ve also done the braid under technique (braiding under makes the braid stand out more), and it too looks pretty awesome. Continue below for a step by step tutorial or visit Braided Mohawk Ponytail on YouTube to watch a tutorial!!Mohawk Braid Ponytail, Step by Step pics blog

1.  Start by taking a small front portion of your hair  and dividing it into 3 different sections to start braiding. You want to keep this section small and stay on the top of your head, not using hair on the  sides or around your ears.

2.  Proceed to start with a french braid.

3. As you french braid back, be sure to grab hair in a straight line back and not from the sides in order to keep this as a mohawk look!

4. As you braid stop frequently to grab pieces of the braid (starting from the front) and pull up to loosen the braid and give it a fuller look. 

5.  Continue to french braid all the way back to the crown of your head where you want to tie off  your ponytail. If you want a lower ponytail, you may continue to braid down a little farther than I did. 

6. Once you have found where you want to stop for your ponytail, you can just finish the braid by doing a normal braid the rest of the way down (not grabbing any additional hair or doing a french braid) and tying off.

7.  Now put hair in a  ponytail including the braided portion.  You can now easily pull out the hair tie and release the braided portion in the ponytail.

8.  And now you have your Mohawk Ponytail. All that’s  left is to complete the ponytail with your Perky Pony* for a fuller, more lifted look!


         And Voila!  The Perfect Mohawk Ponytail!

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