Hello World!



Hi everyone! I’m Katie Jo, creator of Perky Pony. I’m thrilled for you to join me in my first ever blog (scary I know, but stay with me)! I created Perky Pony to solve my problem of limp, lifeless ponytails. No amount of teasing gave me the ponytail I was looking for, and really, who has that kind of time? So just like that, (actually it took months of gluing things together) Perky Pony was born.

However, this blog is not just about Perky Pony. This is a blog for everything hair. From tips and tricks for healthier hair, to new looks to try at home. The awesome thing about this blog is since I have no professional experience in hair, everything I post about will be something YOU can accomplish too. Let’s face it, I hate those posts of beautiful ornate hairstyles that require six hands and a magic wand, yet when I try them, it looks like my four year old did my hair. I LOVE hair! I love the fun colors that people are using in their hair! I love updos, curls, sideswept bangs, straight and sleek, you name it!

Not only will I be posting on here, but I am also very active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) and post lots of videos on my YouTube channel. So I hope you follow me on this journey. I’ll try to have new posts weekly, and hope these posts are fun and give your hair a new shine and new life to your look.