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The Full Volume Bun by Perky Pony!

Buns are everywhere lately.  I mean everywhere.  You see them on the runway, you see them at yoga, you see them at the coffee shop and the cocktail party.  The trick is getting that bun to look effortlessly messy and full.  And lets face it, getting a good looking bun is anything but effortless.  But fear not!  I feel like Perky Pony has “saved the day” (sorry, I’ve been around too much super hero memorabilia lately).  But, really, by starting with a simple ponytail, adding Perky Pony and a few bobby pins,  you have a full, voluminous bun in less than 5 minutes!  Awesome, right!?!  I’m quite taken with this look and know you will be too, so read on to see how it’s done!  Continue reading “The Full Volume Bun by Perky Pony!”

The Criss-Cross Ponytail by Perky Pony!


So as most of you can probably guess, I LOVE ponytails!  I love the effortless and playful look they give off, and I always get excited when I find a new way to wear a pony!  Using Perky Pony, this look incorporates a nice poof in the front, combined with an interesting cross over affect on the top, and finishes it out with a big volume ponytail.  Who can argue with a look like that?  Take this style from a casual day shopping to a fancy night out and have every one talking about your chic new look! 

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The Messy Bun by Perky Pony!

Well, I’ve done it.  I have finally perfected the messy bun.  And, what’s even better, I made it a half up, half down messy bun.  Honestly, I can’t believe it took me this long to do, but I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve always been jealous of those girls that look like they just threw on an oversized sweater and put their hair up in a bun and still look like a million bucks!  I just figured they were born with flawless skin, and hair that looked good no matter what they do.  I’ve smartened up since then and learned that there is an art to every awesome look.  So here is the  recipe to a messy half up bun that you really can do in 2 seconds and throw on that oversized sweater and finally have everyone wondering how you can look so perfect in so little time! 

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The Dutch Braided Updo by Perky Pony!

Isn’t this updo awesome?!?  When I first showed this style to friends and family, their response was “There is no way I could do this” or “That looks complicated”.   Guess what!  You can do this!  It’s only a few simple steps that can be done by anyone who knows how to braid!  This is great for upcoming holiday festivities and parties, and who doesn’t want a new look to try out?  So WOW your friends at the next celebration with “expert” styling skills! 

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The Perfect Ponytail!

The struggle is real to get the ideal ponytail. First, how in the world do you get a poof in the front that stays when you put the hair tie in, and then, you add in the weight of the ponytail? Mine used to always fall flat, making me look like my once awkward teenage self again, and I refuse to return to those days. And then, even if you some how manage to get a nice shape in the front, what do you do with that scrawny, lifeless pony hanging down in the back. Let’s face it, full hair is in these days, and I want full, bouncy hair! I watched video after video, researched Pinterest, read blogs, and I’ve finally found the best and easiest method for a great looking ponytail! With the help of your Perky Pony, it is amazing how easy it is to have a ponytail that looks great in every way! Ponytails are supposed to be easy, that’s why they were invented! So lets make an awesome ponytail easy to achieve once more.

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The Tucked-In Bun!

Love, love, love this!  A look that literally takes only 2 minutes!  The Tucked-In Bun starts with a simple ponytail and ends with an updo that’ll have you looking sophisticated and classy.  This is a style that will work both in a professional setting as well as any formal event.  Your date will thank you when you are actually ready on time!

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The Double Braided Wrap!

braided wrap 2

Okay girls!  I love this new hairstyle!  It’s super easy and elegant (two “e” words you don’t usually find together).  This is a half up, half down style that incorporates braids into a stunningly romantic look!  The best part is this only takes about 5 minutes.  Check out the step by step tutorial below as well as our video here: Double Braided Wrap to see how easy it is to get this look!


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6 “Mistakes” When Washing Your Hair

Hi, It’s Katie Jo again!  So, I read an article by Sienna Fantozzi, called “How to Wash Your Hair, Because You’re Probably Skipping Some of These 6 Very Important Steps”.  It looked intriguing, mostly because my hair has seemed dryer and a little frizzier these days.  She has six steps that she claims will keep your long locks looking fabulous, so I decided to do a little experiment and share my results with you!

Now this first rule I knew was going to be my Achilles’ heel.  Her first step was to stop washing your hair as often.  Like, only once a week.  What!?!  How is that even possible!  I used to be an offender of over washing, and would wash every single day, until my hair dresser convinced me to give dry shampoo a try to extend my hair to washing every 3 days.  This I can do, but once a week?  I wasn’t sure about this, but I decided to give it a try in the name of science.  It was awful.  I tried, I really did.  I even read another article of Sienna’s that was all about how to make your hair last one week without washing.  It included using a clarifying shampoo, not touching your hair as often, put your hair back when possible, using dry shampoo sparingly and waiting as late in the week as possible to use it, and so on.  I made it to day 6 and just had to wash it.  I no longer even needed clips, bobbly pins, or hair ties.  I just put my hair in whatever style I wanted, and it stayed (I exaggerate a little for effect, but not much).  Now, I did look up a picture of Sienna, Continue reading “6 “Mistakes” When Washing Your Hair”

How to get the Perfect Mohawk Ponytail


Give variety to your ponytail with a great punky look!!

I can braid all day. I love to braid! But, I did struggle trying to perfect the ponytail with a braid leading into it. It always looked too flat. Awkward almost. I loved the height and shape to the mohawk braided ponytail. I did the normal braid over technique for mine, but I’ve also done the braid under technique (braiding under makes the braid stand out more), and it too looks pretty awesome. Continue below for a step by step tutorial or visit Braided Mohawk Ponytail on YouTube to watch a tutorial!! Continue reading “How to get the Perfect Mohawk Ponytail”