6 “Mistakes” When Washing Your Hair

Hi, It’s Katie Jo again!  So, I read an article by Sienna Fantozzi, called “How to Wash Your Hair, Because You’re Probably Skipping Some of These 6 Very Important Steps”.  It looked intriguing, mostly because my hair has seemed dryer and a little frizzier these days.  She has six steps that she claims will keep your long locks looking fabulous, so I decided to do a little experiment and share my results with you!

Now this first rule I knew was going to be my Achilles’ heel.  Her first step was to stop washing your hair as often.  Like, only once a week.  What!?!  How is that even possible!  I used to be an offender of over washing, and would wash every single day, until my hair dresser convinced me to give dry shampoo a try to extend my hair to washing every 3 days.  This I can do, but once a week?  I wasn’t sure about this, but I decided to give it a try in the name of science.  It was awful.  I tried, I really did.  I even read another article of Sienna’s that was all about how to make your hair last one week without washing.  It included using a clarifying shampoo, not touching your hair as often, put your hair back when possible, using dry shampoo sparingly and waiting as late in the week as possible to use it, and so on.  I made it to day 6 and just had to wash it.  I no longer even needed clips, bobbly pins, or hair ties.  I just put my hair in whatever style I wanted, and it stayed (I exaggerate a little for effect, but not much).  Now, I did look up a picture of Sienna, who wrote the article, just to see how nice her hair really was.  And I have to say, Sienna is beautiful!  She does seem to make this work for her, and I’m sure your hair would be healthier if you are able to do this, but it is not for me!

Okay, step #2 is to oil up!  She recommends using coconut oil on the ends of your hair before you shampoo.  She claims that this helps to protect the ends of your hair, which is usually the most damaged area, from the drying effect of the shampoo.  I have used oil on the ends of my hair before, but never before I washed.  This seemed like a good idea, and the bonus was I already had coconut oil readily available, so it was easy to implement.  I ended up really liking this step and plan to continue doing this!  It did seem to leave my hair a little smoother and I think, with continued use, will help to keep my hair healthier without the oily effect you sometimes get when applying oil after you wash.

So, Step #3 was not very different for me.  She suggests you comb your hair out in the shower while you have conditioner in it. Then, once you get out of the shower leave it alone, no need to re-brush.   She claims this will protect your hair from breakage.  I have always done this, so this was no breakthrough for me, but if you do not already do this, please do!  It really does help and gives that conditioner some time to soak in before you rinse it out, plus combing the conditioner through your hair helps spread it throughout.

Basically, her 4th step is to take a cold shower.  I admit I read this wrong the first time and completely did this incorrectly.  I thought she said to only rinse at the end with cold water, so I assumed I could take a nice hot shower and just blast myself with cold water at the end.  After rereading the article at the end of week 1, I saw she recommends a full, completely cold shower!  I’ve heard this before, but I’m sorry, unless you just got done working out, cold showers are miserable.  It is supposed to help your hair be less frizzy and shinier.  So go for it if you want, I’m sure it will help, but there is no way I’m shivering through my shower (plus, I need warm water to avoid razor burn).  So proceed with caution on this one.

Now this 5th step I almost didn’t do.  It seemed silly, and I couldn’t see how it would help.  She recommends using the Turbie Towel.  You remember these right?  Used to see them on TV all the time?  She claims that it would reduce frizz, protect breakage and speed up drying time.  I figured if I was going to do an experiment, I would have to do it all the way, so I bought the ridiculous Turbie Towel.  Wait for it…I actually really liked it.  It was lighter and less bulky than a huge towel on my head and it did speed up drying time.  Now, I’m not convinced it will reduce frizz and make for healthier hair, but I will continue to use it.

Perky Pony Turbie Towel pic

The Fabulous Turbie Towel!

And finally, last but not least, a mask.  She recommends to use a hair mask once a week.  I was kind of excited to try this one.  I admit, I’ve had never actually tried a hair mask before.  She mixes 2 egg yolk with 2 tbps of coconut oil or olive oil.  I got all prepared for this.  Put a robe on, got my little hair bag to put over it, but could not figure out how to get this mask on my hair!  Egg does not want to be picked up!  I would scoop my hand in the bowl and try to get the egg mixture to my head as quickly as possible and the majority of it would end up on my floor or clothes!  It was a mess!  Eventuall


y, I just took the whole bowl and dumped it on my head which then, concentrated the entire mask on my scalp, not the ends of my hair, which could really use it.  Long story short, I didn’t expect much from it, due to user error, but when I got out of the shower, it really did feel better!  My hair was much smoother and shinier I noticed.  I will definitely try this again and next time find a better way to apply the mask!

Perky Pony Hair mask pic

I finally figured it out!

I hope this helped some!  I thought it was a fun experiment, and while I may not do every step she listed, I do think she had some good thoughts, and I did take away some good tips to help keep my long hair looking healthy, full and shiny!